Monday, October 3, 2011

An Austin Filled Weekend

I had the pleasure of making a trip to Austin this weekend for a gorgeous engagement shoot with Jake and I's friends Kat & Tino. For the shoot, we had tons of quick little spots to go through really quickly, and chased the sunset. I always love shoots like this, because it really feels like an adventure! I always love to shoot new locations that are unknown to me. And if you don't know, I love shooting outdoors, especially at parks and forest-y or near water locations. Feels like a fairytale, or something. After our shoot, a weekend with them included drop-dead-gorgeous scenery, amazing eateries (Juan in a Million, Torchy's Tacos), Bohemian Rhapsody, dancing, vintage shopping, ice cream and some of my all time favorite English candy (Fruit Pastilles), and last but not least, fun fun fun times! We even saw deer in neighborhood lawns! And to be honest, now I kinda wish I could live there myself :) I can't wait to go back! So Austinites - just know I'd love to come visit anytime for photos. Your town is beautiful! 

Check out these three adorable shots of them! They are SO in love, I loved taking their photos! They are both so full of personality and their love definitely shows on and off camera. I can't wait to share a photo later of their adorable dog Marco who I'm convinced is going to be Ruby's new boyfriend. 

And check out some friends we made during our adventurous photo session!!

While at a park, this little dude just ran right up to Jake and just loved him to death! They really made some little bond, it was adorable. Now I am definitely kinda wanting a tiny little weiner dog. Ruby kinda looks like one, right? Anywhoo,  so something I reallllly love about Austin is how dog friendly it is! And you guys know how much I adore my Ruby! I'd love for her to come get dinner with me because she always gets so lonesome when we leave her all alone.. My poor baby!

And here is a wonderful musician we came across during our time together too. Basically, we made friends left and right ;)

Check out this beer tour we spotted too! They peddle and drink and see the town the whole time. Think we may have to try that sometime.Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of their shoot later on! The whole shoot was adorable, but I have a few others to edit first! Don't worry you will get to see these other fabulous shoots very soon. Got some sessions from earlier in the year that I still need to share and some weddings to share! It was a tremendously busy summer and I can't believe it's already fall. It's looked like fall for awhile around here due to the drought. Everything already looks brown and red, though sadly it's just because everything is so thirsty!


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