Thursday, October 6, 2011

a single pink rose bud

Just a quick post for today! Very soon I will have an amazing wedding to share with you guys, but until then, enjoy these photos of nature today (with my favorite guest, water drop!) I was watering the lawn after briefly and noticed a beautiful budding pink rose bud. I took some photos, and love that the little bud got splashed with some water. I just love nature so very much.. well you all know that by now! :) And flowers are just beautiful! There is something about a budding rose in particular that makes my heart smile a bit. They are so delicate! This bud was blooming from a large bush of roses, so the thorns were HUGE. I am really drawn to them as well - they really do have a little personality of their own. I definitely wouldn't want to try to see who is tougher between me and the thorns..


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