Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's your time to shine, Rubystar

Well, well, well! I found myself with a little summer cold that, at first, didn't seem so bad. It seemed to come and go after two days, and I was back to feeling great and back to living life. Then it came back... and I was down and out for another two days. Then it seemed that all was well in the world again and then BAM! That sickness came right back, just not as cruel this time. Isn't that bizarre? I've never had a cold that came back twice like that! I'm still dealing with the tail end of it, so I thought with my little dog hanging around begging for my attention - what better time to give her a little photo shoot! It's been awhile since she's had the glamour of my camera lens, and though she may not look like she loves it, I know deep down she does :)

Is she not the cutest dog ever? (After your pup, of course ;))

And just a fun tid-bit for you.. I love to create all kinds of fun little nick names for my dog Ruby. Does anyone else do that, or am I just crazy? Well fortunately for me Ruby's nick name trend has grown not only through me, but even some of my friends and family. Ruby is well loved in the Ellen-community. My favorite recent nick name that I came up with for Ruby is Ruben Scherbatsky. I dedicate that to all my fellow How I Met Your Mother fans out there! 

(isn't her collar ADORABLE?! Picked it up at the Houston Dog Show this year :))


shandayagel said...

i totally do that with nicknames for my cats! My cat speckle is sometimes called speegs, speckle-tini and whatever i feel like at the moment. it's fun. and Ruby is suuper cute!

ellenmarie said...

Aww YAY! I am so glad I am not alone with the pet-nicknames hahaha. If you ask me, great minds definitely think alike!!

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