Sunday, September 18, 2011

why yes, a cup of hot chocolate sounds amazing!

right now i am really missing winter and the clothes that go along with it. especially after reading on facebook that people are starting to get cooler weather in other parts of the country. don't get me wrong, i absolutely HATE being cold - but i pretty much love everything else about winter. i am obsessed with seeing macro photos of snowflakes, and hope so much that houston will surprisingly grace us with some snow so i can at least attempt some of these shots! of course, only if it snows, and only if the snow doesn't melt immediately upon hitting the ground *sigh* other than others wonderful snow-filled photography, i also love love love the clothes. i love a well tailored winter coat more than anything else. last winter i invested in a bunch of really nice vintage winter coats and can't wait to wear them again! i feel like maybe i will have to do a little shoot with them to show them off, because, well, that's just how much i adore them! if you ask me, these gorgeous coats deserve it. ;) perhaps i have a little addiction to winter coats, because i have already caught myself eyeing them online.. and obviously, i can't invest any more into them... otherwise i would have a closet full of jackets, in a city that barely ever gets cold :( good thing there are other parts of "cold-weather fashion" that i LOVE! let's see! everything from scarves (the perfect accessory!) to cute gloves, hats and... BOOTS! ahh, winter, thank you for spicing up my wardrobe just when i am starting to get bored of my summer closet. of course winter has lots more to offer than just fashion and snowy weather. i'm always excited for the amazing holidays to come -which means fun decorating, baking cute treats, yummy food, giving to others, and most importantly - seeing friends and family that are not normally in town! another thing i love about winter is that it gives me an excuse to get warm in other ways. let's not get ahead of ourselves, i really mean delicious treats like hot chocolate, chai vanilla lattes, and hot coffees. and when it's winter, i don't get weird looks for ordering them hot, hooray for that! let's not forget to mention hot soups, running without worrying about collapsing of heat exhaustion, bonfires with smores and plain ole' sitting by a fire and appreciating it. i'll take any reason to get to snuggle up to my wonderful man-friend and my pup :) 
so what is it that you love about winter?

before you know it, i'll be writing a little post reminsicing on the wonders of summer. because let's face it, that is pretty much the only two seasons we get here in houston! hot hot summer and cold, no-snow, winter.

so come on winter, i can't wait to see you!
(now don't hold this against me when i'm complaining about how cold it is hehe)


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