Saturday, September 17, 2011

proud lady liberty

i've decided i want to post more photos. maybe one a day, or once every other day sort of thing.  the idea is to post photos from my life, my travels, or maybe even details (or as i like to call, b-sides) from my photo sessions, that you maybe normally wouldn't see in my session dedicated posts (which i have  a ton i need to post!!). now that wedding season is officially over for me for the year, i have a lot more time on my hands! well, i mean, i still have tons of editing, but more time in front of the computer :)

anyway, i recorded a bunch of documentary type of shows on september 11th and have been slowly watching them as i work this week. i find myself so inspired by these stories of heroism that day. as horrible as our world can be, it is truly so beautiful to see people come together and be so selfless to help one another when their lives are clearly in danger. there were so many personal stories in these documentaries, i constantly felt tears welling up in my eyes from sadness and even of love from these stories. there was a particular story about a firefighter, orio palmer, which really struck me. he got up to the 78th floor of the south tower (the first tower to fall), the floor where the plane hit. i just can't imagine the bravery in that, and how proud his friends and family must be despite his life being lost that day. anyway, i was really awe-struck by his story left behind and recommend you read about him if you are looking for some inspiration.

i just went to new york in february earlier this year, and visited the ground zero site. it's crazy to see the pictures of the sky line that i took while there, and compare them to the ones before september 11th. the skyline, to me, seemed so insane and ginormous (especially in comparison to the houston skyline), and the twin towers clearly tower way above any of the other buildings that accompanied them in the new york skyline. i also think about how many people must have been visiting that day in new york city and what an unreal experience that must have been. i honestly can't even imagine. the new york that i saw was absolutely beautiful and i fell in love in an instant. i think if i was visiting that day for the first time, i could never bear to go back.


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