Thursday, September 29, 2011

it's true, i'm obsessed with water drops

i think a drop of water, ready to fall - plus my obsession with macro photography really makes this a lovely harmonious relationship :) something about my job that i love is that i am really capturing a moment in time. whether it's love between two people, a child celebrating their birthday, or just a moment in nature - it is something that will always be frozen in time because of this photograph. i think it's neat to capture this little drop of water that will soon hit the ground and never be seen in that same way again. plus, something about water has always really intrigued me. i love being at the ocean. it feels so huge, like there is so much air - and what's surreal is i can't really even fathom how giant the ocean really is.  isn't it crazy when you think about water for just a bit, how unreal it is? it falls from the skies, and falls over all of the earth. and when frozen, these drops of water freeze into unique shapes and patterns. and that our bodies are made up about 70% with it? i also think it's interesting the way the ocean has tides. that it moves in and goes out, every single day. mother earth is quite a peculiar gal, and i really love learning all about her! maybe it is the pisces in me that makes me particularly fond of water, because we are supposedly known to be part of the water elements. do you guys feel connected to your star sign? i know i sure do. but we'll have to save that for another post :)


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