Tuesday, January 5, 2010

birthday mamakin!

today is my wonderful and beautiful mother's birthday! so it's only right to give her 2/365. my dad, my younger brudda, his very lovely lady friend amanda, and i all took her out for some delicious din-dins today! 

i couldn't resist pulling a prank on the puppy :)

flowers from my dad.. AWWW!

my brother andrew

walking to get seated, yes this shot is necessary :)

look at what a ham she is. see where i get it from? the older i get the more i just loooove love love my mom! happiest of birthdays to my wonder-filled mamakin.

this picture honestly doesn't even do justice to how HUGE these mozzarella sticks were...  

happiest mamakin in the whole wide world! 

the staff singing happy birthday to my mama :) 
and yes it WAS as delicious as it looks :)


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