Monday, September 28, 2009

lauren maternity

oh i realllllllly truly adore lauren! she has such a warm and open personality! i remember the first time i met her, and how kind and sweet she was. it's rare to meet a person as kind as she is, and i am really thankful to have such a loving person in my life. and isn't she just as a button?  i really really really can't wait to meet her and brandon's little nugget.

anyway! a few weekends ago i took some maternity photos for them to always remember this perfect time in their lives. we got to go on a little adventure, and explored a recently burned forest. all the trees were charred and burned from a random wildfire that started up by their home. they presented the idea to me, and i absolutely knew it would be great! the colors the forest gives off, really reminds me of fall..

anyway, hope you guys enjoy these cute pictures of lauren as much as she and i (and brandon too!) did!


Amanda said...


For some reason the B&W one when he's on his knee kissin her tummy is my fav. Absolutely precious!

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