Wednesday, September 23, 2009

irrational fears


so. i realized when i flew to maine this summer, that i no longer enjoy flying. i have been flying in airplanes since i was a few months old - and have flown A LOT and over entire oceans. i always enjoyed it, and loved sitting in the window seat and watching the world pass by below. something has changed. when i flew to maine, i felt sick to my stomach. as i sat and watched the world get further away, all i could think was how hard the crash would be if mother nature decided to change our luck today. i gripped the arm rests and leaned back in my chair staring at the ceiling, trying not to think about how we are going against nature, and going against gravity and trying not to throw up. it just doesn't feel right.

it's funny that this is now a fear of mine. my grandmother on my mom's side has always been terrified of flying. she lives in england, and she has never came to visit us because she refuses to fly. i could never understand what the big deal was, but now i understand more than i ever dreamed of.

do you have irrational fears? this new fear of mine is completely dominating of any common sense i have. when i fly i do understand that even if we do crash, me worrying about it makes no difference and what is to happen, will happen regardless of my unease. that doesn't help the matter.

it's just funny how things change.

i remember in highschool i had a teacher that was deathly afraid of cotton balls. she absolutely hated the way rubbing them sounded. it just makes me wonder, what other irrational fears are out there? i'd like to know. it's nice to know that we are all human, we all fear things. sometimes when i sit back and think about the world, it seems like humans think they are invincible. it's interesting to know that such a powerful species can be afraid of such silly things. it's comforting in a way.


Amanda said...

Ooooh! I am terrified of going to the bathroom on airplanes! Seriously! Once in 7th grade our teacher told us this story about this woman who used the bathroom on the airplane and when she flushed she got stuck to the toilet seat and they had to land the plane to get her off!!!!

haha so yeah..lucky my longest flight has only been 3 hours..

Mrs. T said...

I have a SERIOUS phobia of the giant Sam Houston statue right off of 45 in Huntsville. Like I can't even look at pictures of it. I will seriously start to cry and have a panic attack.

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