Monday, May 28, 2012

some quality time with my nifty fifty

wow, guys... memory lane recently decided to pay me a visit and i sure wasn't mad about it. 

my 50mm was the first lens i got separate from my original kit lens, and it officially changed the way i saw things. watch out ya'll, things are getting deep over here. through my fifty, i fell in love with bokeh, and the dreamy quality it brings to photographs. oh man, talk about a dreamboat. it's such a wonderful lens for such a great price. i always recommend this lens to beginners because the quality is AMAZEBALLS (thanks guilana), yet you don't have to go pawn a bunch of your things to afford it. since getting this bad boy, i've upgraded my artillery to some pretty impressive 'arms of destruction' - as i like to call them, but my nifty fifty will always have a special place in my heart. i mean, look at how gorgeous it makes my pictures. it's been collecting dust in my bag for awhile, so i decided to bust it out and do a mini ruby shoot - and stalk my slightly overgrown yard (don't judge me). 

before i leave you with some of my photo-babies, it would be rude of me not to mention how adorable my dog is. how can something be so cute almost all the time? 

before i forget... happy memorial day my lovelies! hope you had a fantastic weekend like mine! :)

yours truly, 
          ellen (and ruby too) xx


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