Thursday, May 31, 2012

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

so my latest adventure with life has been my toes dipping into the world of gluten free. if you read about it, you will be surprised about how many problems it can cause some people. i feel like it will be worth testing the waters to see if i don't feel better. i haven't gone 'all the way' yet (which, i should add, is pointless. until you completely cut it out of your diet, you won't see results), but introducing some things into my diet, and slowing building up my pantry (it's an expensive transition, yanno). early this week i decided to make my very first batch of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. you know, i wanted to prove to myself i could make some and they still be just as delicious as gluten-y filled ones. i think i can go without my beloved gluten if i can have chocolate chip cookies in my life on a regular basis. which brings me to admit that i have the most enormous sweet tooth. i bet it could give the person with it in the guinnes book of world records a run for their money. but that's neither here nor there..

i took the recipe from gluten free on a shoestring, and it did not disappoint! in fact, the batch of 2 dozen cookies did not survive two days. sadly, even with only two of us. i know what you're thinking... we're disgusting. but damn are these cookies good.


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