Saturday, February 4, 2012

i love my grandma with all my heart

To one of the greatest women I've ever known..

My grandmother, Elisabeth "Libby" Johnson, wasn't just any grandmother. Yes, she was the most loving, inspirational, interesting, beautiful, perfect, quintessential grandma with the sweetest grandma voice, with adorable, little gold shoes, always playing piano and singing songs. Yes, she was the kindest, most thoughtful, loving, generous, most perfect grandmother a girl could ask for - but she was even more than that. Besides being MY grandmother, she was my little celebrity grandma.

While as well as releasing her own album, featuring her impeccable piano skills with her sweet singing - my grandma was also a cover model! You read right. One of the photos I took of her during a trip to visit her in Maine was featured on the local Maine magazine - Bangor Metro - about "Super Seniors", which my g-ma definitely fit the bill. Not only was she an inspiration to me and my family, now through the magazine, she could also be an inspiration to more.

Cover of the magazine is below:

Just recently I was contacted again about using some photos of her by Getty Images, requesting I submit two photos of her into their collection of stock images. It has been decided that my grandma is the poster child for all grandmas. She just truly is the perfect grandma.

Let's not forget to mention that my grandma was also a pisces. Those who know me know I am very proud of my pisces-hood and feel a love for my fellow pisces. I always loved that my grandma was a pisces just like me, because I've always wanted to be just like her ( and my other grandma, Dorothy "Dot" Bryan and my mom too!). I would love nothing more than being half as great as any of the inspirational women in my life. My grandma was definitely one to admire and I know I am not alone in my admiration for her.

I will miss my grandmother. She was always someone you could easily talk to and just feel the love exude from her. She was the kindest person I've ever known. I can't ever remember her getting mad or raising her voice. Thinking of her makes me smile, and I know I will always have that feeling when thinking of her in the future. There are just the little details about my grandma that I will never forget. Most of all her loving and warm personality. Her kind, gentle voice. Her little jar of candy she kept for us kids by the door at her house on the bay in Maine. Christmases spent with her and Grandpa in Florida. Her singing and playing the piano. One of my favorites was always her song "Christmas is Coming".  Her vintage glass cups. Her adorable gold shoes. All her letters. Her always encouraging my drawings when I was a kid. Playing piano with her. Her style. Her serene nature. The way that everybody loved her.

I love you, Grandma, with all my heart (something I always wrote in my letters to her). Thank you for the wonderful memories and letting me have you in my life as someone to look up to and learn from. You'll always be an inspiration to me and I know you are having fun with grandpa and aunt Carolyn and Ginger. But, everything said, I am so devastated the world lost you today.


mom said...

Ellen that is beautiful!

Lorna Banks said...

Ellen tt is awonderful tribute to a truly amazing Lady, she wil be sadly missed but she leaves fantastic memeories that can never be taken away,love you, Aunt Lorna xxxx

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