Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my new owl tape measurer!

i found this little gem through my owl barn, but you can purchase one your self here, from feltmates on etsy! when i saw this, i knew i immediately HAD to have one. i mean, seriously, how cute is that? if owls aren't your favorites, there are tons of other cute sewing fun designs (as well as other goodies), so go check them out! no, seriously, i mean it!

when you see that adorable, lovable little face.. don't you just want to immediately adopt him, and then give him some cute little name like percy? or is it just me?

aaaand something else that is almost as awesome as my owlette friend, percy, is this little dude. while i was outside taking pictures of my main squeeze, percy, look who ran right up to me and posed for me! how could i miss this lil dude's self proclaimed moment of camera time glory? i swear the look in his eye said "well let's get on with it then" so i quickly got to business.

oh and it also rained! which has been a rare occasion this year in houston! so.. yessssss!


Rose Petals in the Rain said...

Oh the little owl tape measurer is so cute! It is not just you it is so adorable! I don't need a tape measurer as I already have a few but it is tempting.

ellenmarie said...

oh my gosh girl, i so did not NEED it buti had to have it if you know what i mean ;D

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