Friday, June 24, 2011

hiatus is officially over!

hi my lovely blog readers!

i have had so much going on in my life the last several months, i needed to take a hiatus from the blog and my website and my facebook fan page - so i could continue to get editing done without any further distraction than what was already going on in my life.  but i have to say, the time away certainly made my heart grow fonder. ♥ i am currently feeling very inspired and motivated. so yay! i am so pleased for all the love that there is in my life, and can't believe the traffic i have remained to get on my blog even though i've been completely MIA. thank you for remaining faithful to check in, even though i sucked on my end of the deal! i love you lovers of ellenzilla or of the blog world in general. i'm so pleased to be back and have a ton of work to be sharing! and a ton of blog to get back to stalkin' on! it may still be slow, because i am in the heart of wedding season which definitely keeps me on my toes - but i'm thrilled to be back and just wanted to say a quick hello. i've missed my blog and all of you!

and just because i feel every post should probably have a photo..... here are two photos i took yesterday in my backyard after it finally rained! yay! i love when nature gives me stuff to play with :)


simona said...

these pictures are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
can't wait to see what you're going to share next on your blog!

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