Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy birthday to you, delilah!

who doesn't love birthdays! i know i sure do. and delilah's mom, lauren, made sure to decorate sweet d.j.'s rockin' cupcake birthday to the nines! i was honestly blown away by the work she put into the party. i hope you guys enjoy all the photos as much as i do! delilah has to be the happiest one year old i have ever seen! it's obvious she comes from a VERY happy and loving family :) to see the entire party, see the slideshow below!

some of my favorites from the session are below (but you should still see the slideshow, because there were simply TOO many great shots to share them all here :)) 



Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Such a pretty party AND GORGEOUS photography Ellen! I'm loving the family shots!

Simona said...

i love your technique, the colors are gorgeous! you captured the atmosphere so well i feel like i've been there.

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