Tuesday, January 25, 2011

thank you artsy ants!

hey you guys!
today my face pretty much looks like this ---> :D

why you ask? the genuine thanks go to the oh-so-creative artsy ants!

maybe you remember their give-a-way that i won? well, the finished banner was sent my way yesterday :) and my goodness me, is it cute! take a peek at it below! (p.s. the box below the  banner has a link so you can share it on your blog too! i know you want to!)

i just think it is so perfect, and sooo me :) i really couldn't be more pleased! they made sure to get in touch with me right away and get a feel for what i was looking for beforehand and they did exactly that! so thank you a thousand times to the wonderful sister designers, simona and sylvia, at artsy ants! if you would like your very own banner, i know they would be more than happy to help you out, so go to their blog and check them out as soon as you can! you will not regret it! their blog is all about their art and other art (and artsy-related things) they find inspirational (that you probably will too).

so here is one last thank you from the ever-so-grateful ellenzilla! :)


Simona said...

It was a pleasure working on the animation for you!
Thank you for these kinds words on your post.
(I'm on the run today, but I'll reply to your email latest tomorrow.)

sylvia said...

it looks fantastic ellen!! i always loved your blog banner, it's very unique and it looks cool in the widget too! so glad you're happy. have a great day!!

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