Monday, December 27, 2010

home for the holidays


if you want to know the truth - neither me or ruby are ready at all for the holidays to be over already! oh well, fortunately it seems the older i get, the faster the years go - so christmas will be here again before we know it! that's what i'm going to tell myself at least ;)

it has become tradition for jake and i to celebrate christmas eve with his family, and christmas day with mine. this year was no exception - and just like every other year, i took a million photos! it's part of duty, i feel - to be able to share these photos with my family. also, all year long i am so busy working, i sometimes can feel that i don't have time to document my own life with photos! so i love to take advantage of capturing my own memories whenever i can. well this year i took so many that i couldn't possibly share them all here, but i have chosen some of my favorites. hope everyone's holiday was super fun and SAFE! i shot my last session of the year today, so i am officially looking forward for 2011! does anyone have any fun resolutions? i think i am just aiming to be more organized and efficient in my work and to just maintain a healthier lifestyle. we shall see.

anyway, so here are some of my favorites from both of our christmas days, in no particular order:

mom's christmas dinner. she is an AMAZING cook. i am not half as good as she is! 

candid dinner shot of my brothers darren & eric, and my neices sarah and heather and sarah's lovely boyfriend cody.

the lovely nieces missing our beloved other sarah!

my brother eric and his beautiful babies

all of us johnsons missing denise and her babies - and mike and his family. also with two special additions - jake and cody! :D

:) brother darren

baby brother andrew - sweet shirt right?

my brothers love me so much ;D

risner christmas tree! it's official, ya'll!

newphew bruce - he is such a little ham


baby drake. oh yeah and carlo too ;)

bruce must have been AWFULLY good this year!

the cutest gal i've ever seen

andrew and jake provided us with a trans siberian opera cover. the kiddos loved every second of it


you have no idea how funny this photo is because allll day he was antagonizing her and she was barking and chasing him. suddenly they are cuddling!

sweet samuel

little love birds

sisterly love

sarah & heather

well, i have TONS of work from november and december to edit - so back to work i go! this is most likely my last post before the new year. so on that note, happy new year!

and because i'm one of the nicest gals you know ;) i will leave you with this:


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