Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with Clients!

First of all! I hope you will stop by my website to see my subtle changes for the holiday season :) I added some snow graphics to my tree and owls, and I switched the music again to "Wonderful Christmas Time" by Sir Paul McCartney on the home page. I just love love love that song! Yep, I am just that nerdy about the snow too!

I didn't really get the opportunity like I had been planning to promote holiday shoots, because I ended up booking up through the end of the year (and beyond) by early October! I guess I should have promoted Christmas and the holiday themed shoots earlier, but I didn't want to be like those department stores that shove it down your throat so early! So next year be prepared ;) Just kidding.

Fortunately! I got SUPER lucky and got asked to do an AMAZING shoot with the Eden family and a mini Christmas shoot with the Priska children (I will get into those details in just a bit!).

I love cutie pie EMMA and her amazing parents - Peggy and Jasa! Boy, did Peggy have quite a shoot in store for me - it was SO much fun, seriously. We started out shooting for her birthday party - I will share those images at a later date once I finish her slideshow - but HAD to get their Christmas photos up just before Christmas! Anyways, so we started in a birthday outfit, then we had an outfit change so we could get some Christmas family photos and then... SANTA came! I don't know if pictures could get any cuter!

  doesn't she have the sweetest eyes you've ever seen???

okay so maybe she's not the biggest santa fan out there ;)

mom and dad know just how to cheer up overwhelmed little emma!

and these last two are probably top my favorites!

And now it's time to introduce the Priska family! Okay, you actually might know them. Because I shot both Paige and Drake's newborn photos, and I also shot Paige's first birthday this past summer too.  AND mom and dad - Carlo and Tiffany - were my very first clients, with their maternity photos :) Anyway! I love this family, and we actually had a session canceled so this was a super short mini-session that we did just so they could have SOME Christmas photos.

consider my heart melted :)

someone looks like their dad in this photo!

they were both very fascinated with having ornaments in their mouths :) kids, so silly, huh? ;)

cool dude!

and paige is just quite the character!

Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and I am sure you can expect a post with my personal family photos sometime soon! 


ChristyMichelle said...

I am really loving your creativity in using the stock images to begin your post! If they are stock images, im not really sure what they are called so that is what I called them, not tryin' to down play your brilliance there. Anyway.. rambling.. lol Great job! I would love to try something like that, seems like a lot of fun!

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