Thursday, July 23, 2009

harry callahan

these two photographs were done for my photography class and we were instructed to make our own versions of two photos of our choosing, by a list of photographers. i chose harry callahan. i was very inspired by his work, and find all of his work absolutely beautiful. he was known for taking pictures of his every day life  (which often included his GORGEOUS wife) and making these every-day-life photographs intriguing, which is no easy task. he took photos of the life around him where he found and saw beauty, and i try to do the same thing, so it was nice to see another point of view. i don't often go looking to take pictures, but when life happens i immediately enjoy capturing it. so these were my two interpretations of two pieces of his work. i don't think they compare to his master pieces, but i was pleased with the result none-the-less. thank you for the inspiration, harry!


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