Wednesday, July 15, 2009

designs by dannie!

i truly feel great when i am able to support other artists out there. while i was in maine (which yes i will litter your eyes with pictures in the near future!) i got to go to a local art showing and i found the wonderful designs by dannie. i have loved horses my whole life, but there is a certain style to her work that i really admire. her work is not the every day horse drawings that you would see. i bought the following pieces, the first is sold out on her etsy - sorry dudes! if you are in maine, you are fortunate, because she has much more work for sale at the actual art show than she does on her etsy. you may be able to email her directly and ask her about it :) anyways, here is my plug for her because i really adore her work! and another great thing about her - she ships REALLY fast! i probably ordered this over the weekend and it arrived today. so great :)


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