Tuesday, June 23, 2009

photography class is over

soooo i just finished my class last friday - woooo hooo! however, i think i am going to take a break from school, or possibly not go back to focus more on my career that seems to be begging for attention.

but i feel great because i have ended (at least for now) on a good note. my teacher seemed to really like my work and i feel like i gained a lot of knowledge i lacked before. before this class, i was pretty clueless as to all the technical settings available, and their benefits. all i knew before was how to feel and shoot. now i know how to control a situation, which is pretty awesome. i had to take several self portraits for this class and i am actually pretty excited about them!

this one just kind of came to me at the last second. i had an entirely different idea for what i was going to take and it just was not working. i have this awesome lamp from ikea, and just looked at it and got this idea. this was a hundred times more interesting than what i was originally thinking for my final project self portrait.


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