Friday, June 5, 2009

i love when it rains puppies

oh my goodness! i have been unbelievably busy lately! though i suppose just what happens when you get older. have many more things to do! or at least this is true for me.

but have no fear i have been very busy with picture taking! i am completely in love with the lens i got and really love the 1.4 f-stop. um, seriously, sooooooooo much. it's like dreamy butter goodness. with sugar blended in ;) and i really really REALLY love sugar.

anyway - these are obviously color enriched, but as usual my parents new dog is the object of my affection. i have officially decided (be sure to take note) that my dream job would be to take pictures of people's pets and capture their little personalities. i have a special spot in my heart for animals, and always have. growing up i swore i would be a vet. but then while owning a horse i learned that maybe all experiences being a vet would not be great ones. so i'd rather shoot them with my camera lens instead! anywhoo, hopefurry you enjoy these as much as i do!

does she melt ya'lls heart as much as she melts mine? seriously i am in love, and i'm pretty sure ruby is officially jealous :}


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