Monday, July 9, 2012

meghans bridals

today i have one seriously (and i mean seriously) gorgeous bride to share with you, my dear reader. before your brain implodes from the ridiculous amount of good-looking-ness that is about to be unveiled to you; just know she's not just any gorgeous bride, she's meghan. she just married her high school sweetheart, brent, of eleven years (all together now: awwwwwwwwwwww!!!) and now that these two lovebirds are at long last, finally, officially hitched - i can share meghan's heart stoppingly gorgeous bridal portraits with all of you! let me note that the only reason i say with exasperation that they are finally, officially, and at long last married is... well because i am quite the impatient creature, and i selfishly wanted to show off my gorgeous new friend, and beautiful bride meghan :) i had the best time ever at their wedding on saturday night - what a fun pair, with a bunch of amazing dancers for friends. is it wrong of me to want to  brag about the gorgeous people in my life? i think not. but holding onto these photos was honestly painful (did you read that meghan - PAINFUL. the things i do for my clients :)). painful only because of the extent of beauty i had to keep all to myself. before you roll your eyes, just remember... sometimes when a girl is this beautiful, the world needs to see so we can all stare in awe and in slight envy together. amirite? but in all honesty, it's kinda cool to know that i am only one of few people who got to see the bride in all her glory before the big day.

anywhoo, check out this jaw dropper of a bride below! try your best to contain your jealousy folks, but that said, i do understand that it's not going to be easy. so, best of luck:



Jessie said...

What amazing photos!! Meghan, you look stunning! So glad I got to celebrate with you and Brent! :)

Amanda said...

Oh em GEE!!! The Third one from the bottom is my absolute favorite!! Lovely bride lovely can you go wrong? :D

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