Thursday, December 22, 2011

merry christmas!!

from ruby and me, and jake too, to all of you!

merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy holidays, and happy new year! much love from all of us. next thing you know it's going to be a brand new year full of brand new adventures. i can't wait! i mean obviously, why else would my christmas post come a few days early? i'm always a little bit sad when the holidays are over, but at least there is a brand new year to look forward to. i love a new year, because it gives us an opportunity to turn it all around. kind of forget whatever bad happened the past year and just start fresh. who can be mad about that? i am determined for 2012 to be the best year yet.

anywhoo.. so as usual, ruby and i could not resist pretending we were going to be america's next top model. i mean, we'd make the cut right? that being said, i think ruby would win this competition. and jake? well yeah i forced him to take this picture ;) he looks so cute though! i am hoping the new year brings us some snow! when it snows jake is so happy he doesn't even care that he's being photographed *fingers crossed* i think a vacation would suffice too..


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