Monday, November 8, 2010

a moment to breathe

WOW. i have seriously been so unbelievably busy! i guess this is a good thing if you take a step back to look at it, but for me in the moment, i am just trying to keep on keepin on! i had two deaths in my family over the summer ( rest in peace my AMAZING and hugely inspirational grandmother, dorothy bryan, and my beautifully kind sister in law, ginger johnson), and then i was having software isssues - and THEN my laptop crashed and i had to have it replaced (it wasn't even 8 months old :( ). so needless to say, it has been a little hectic for me, but things have finally smoothened out a bit, and i am feeling good! i am just wrapping up editing a wedding for my lovely clients sareca and john and now that it is exporting - there isn't much i can do there, so i thought i'd take a moment to update the ole' blog!

by the way - hope you guys love the new design :) i kind of miss my old one, but it's still saved so i can always go back <3

well just BEFORE things got all haywire in my life, i got to go on a fabulous road trip with my man-friend from home (houston, tx in case you didn't know) all the way to cali!

here is a list of our fantastical stops (i wouldn't change a thing except possibly a little more time)

 1. roswell, nm
2. petrified forest, painted desert (az)
3. the grand canyon, az
4. sedona, az
5. the salton sea, ca
6. san diego, ca
7. los angeles, ca
8. laguna beach, ca

seriously it was so amazing! every place was insanely beautiful. i was seriously depressed for a bit when i got back because houston just doesn't have much to offer with every day beautiful sights... if i HAD to choose one favorite place, i would have to say it was (to my surprise) laguna beach. i really really really loved the atmosphere of this town. i thought it would be really pretentious, but jake and i brought ruby and met soo many nice people who lived there who just chatted with us because she's just so darn cute! every person was really friendly. i loved the look of the town, and of course the beach was gorgeous. there are all of these little shops, but most store names were unknown to me, which just gave it an even better feel. i seriously fell in love :} i think i could retire there and be happy, for real.

and now for your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:
(taken by yours truly)

and this is my last one - this one, our tour guide, freddy, in hollywood took this one hehe :) of course i edited it, but he did such a great job framing it! i was very proud :D


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