Monday, November 22, 2010

a day with amy willis graphic design

amy willis graphic design! 

well, frankly, i love amy willis period, but her graphic design work is amazing! i first fell in love with her work when i saw a gorgeous bright pink painting of hers with a very 60s looking girl. i then found her twiggy-inspired charcoal drawings and fell even more in love with her work. (maybe you guys don't know, but i love the 60s and anything mid-century, and i definitely LOVE twiggy). make sure you stop by and see her work through her facebook page and her website! she is a local houston, texas designer - and i, of course, absolutely love to work with local artists whenever possible! i was beyond excited when she contacted me about doing a shoot together.

amy blew me away with her hand picked locations (though I threw in one of our locations too!), and the location we decided to meet up at, was sugarcane bar located off of washington avenue. which she just so happened to design their gorgeous logo. i'm telling you, this girl is TALENTED!

 below are some of my favorites from our session together to get her some nice, contemporary headshots that give insight to her personal style:

i LOVE when clients can be silly :) if you aren't afraid to look a little ridiculous - then we will definitely be friends! i love to be ridiculous too, so no worries you won't be alone ;)


Amy Willis said...

Gorgeous! You make ma look so hip. Can't wait to do it again!

ellenmarie said...

me too amy!! i loved our shoot together!! <3

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