Friday, September 11, 2009

flickr friday part 2

this weeks flickr friday features one of my most favorite things..
cute pups

i absolutely adore this photo by the magnificent rosie hardy. i am in love with her entire photostream to be honest. she takes really great portraits, and adds her flair to keep each of them unique.

by auwino

this dog is just adorable! look at that face :] this is a photostream capturing portraits and other lovely areas of life 
It's FRIDAY!!! by pintavelloso
a great blog filled with cute animal photos, lots of doggie photos, and flower and nature!

image by _cassia_ i also really adore this photostream! i like her color palette she works with. very nice stuff.

Originally uploaded by Devilstar
i love this photostream as well. if you want to find unending supplies of gorgeous dog photos, this is the place to look. if you love dobermans, then be particularly excited :] i, myself, love the hail out of dobermans

this ADORABLE image by MariClick
another fantastic photographer.  another great photostream filled with beautiful images of life


MariClick said...

Tienes un blog estupendo. Gracias por hacer referencia a mi galerĂ­a.

Un beso.

Cassia said...

Thank you for including my photograph!
What a cute collection!

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