Monday, August 31, 2009

kansas was swell but its nice to be home

phewwwwww after about 40 hours in the car in the span of 4 days, i am so sick of being in a car! :) we were so crunched for time this vacation, BUT it was still enjoyed! i ate like a king, and now i believe i look about 3 months preggers ;) it was all good eating, and good times with jake's family. i have to say, i love the HAIL out of his family. i can even say everyone in it. they have all accepted me and always treated me as another member of their family. that is really really awesome, and it makes me feel really close with everyone. i love that i feel a part of their family, especially as not everyone gets that luxury with their significant other's family. i feel very lucky, and very loved :)

jake's dad asked me to take photos of their family (of course i had already planned on it but it made me feel special :D ) so i took a million photos. here are some of my favorites of the trip. they are mostly of all the wonderful animals i got to bond with


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