Saturday, January 10, 2009

a little winner

i have to show off my beautiful little pony now.. i can't be making winnie jealous by showing off my adorable puppy and not her as well! she is already grumpy lately since being put on a diet, and i seriously can't have her any more pissed at me ;D hehehe

so, not sure that this is most flattering picture of her, but, i still reallllllllly like it :)

so in other horse-related news...
yesterday my wii game "my horse and me" came in the mail. in my secret nerd world, i was totally stoked! i immediately ran upstairs and started playing (yes, busted, that IS how i spent my friday night...). uhhh, it is SOOO hard!!! i knowwwww, DOUBLE-YEW-TEA-EFF nintendo!?!?! RUDE!

what is the world coming to when 8 year olds are better wii players than me? i am in disbelief ;D

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